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that law publicly with a big grin on his face back in 2006. well, today, president obama returned to that very room to talk about his signature health care law, which is based on what massachusetts did that worked so well in that state. the president was introduced by mitt romney's successor in massachusetts, governor duval patrick, and both the president and his friend, governor patrick, talked about what has gone wrong or can go wrong, with health care in your state. they talked about what could go wrong in the initial rollout, what goes wrong and how that stuff can get fixed. >> but our launch seven years ago was not flawless. we asked an i.t. staffer who has been at our connecter since the beginning, what the start-up was like, and i'm quoting. we didn't have a consequence issue, but traffic piece, we experienced data mapping with planned detail that the carriers called us on. our provider searches were not good, and the website was a constant work in progress over the first few years, but other than that it was smooth. so we started out with a website that needed a lot of wor
are filibustering a nomination president obama has made for the bench in the d.c. circuit, is the president putting up enough of a fight and the right kind of fight on these issues given that we know how important they are? even years down the road? >> you know, you said it in your intro, rachel, and it's so true. i think we absolutely underestimate that president george w. bush's real legacy was that he fundamentally changed the federal bench. probably for years and years to come. i mean he really did leave office having seated younger, more conservative federalist society members. you know, these people are as you said each and every one of them, you know, walking the walk. and obama had the option to respond to each of those appo t appointments we equally strong, card carrying aclu, bomb-throwing, janice rogers brown of the left. he really has opted not to. he's done it very, very little. he tends to favor more centrist, moderate, confirmable jurists. and what we saw with patricia millet, yesterday even the most centrist, she's an army spouse, litigated on behalf of corporations, she's really,
, so said paul ryan in 2002 when his party controlled the white house. but when president obama thought maybe a stimulus would be a good idea, because we were facing the worst downturn since the great depression, somebody had changed paul ryan's channel. >> we can do better than this. this bill, this economic stimulus package is unworthy of our new president's signature. this is just a long spending wish list from every spending interest group that's out there. if you're going to go out and borrow $825,000 -- >> so, recraft it for me, congressman ryan. >> this is not going to work, and that's the concern. >> this stimulus thing is not going to work. who would ever think that a stimulus bill would work? paul ryan's change of heart would have been embarrassing on its own, but it got worse when he was forced to admit that his office had requested money from the 2009 stimulus bill, even though he said that they had not. and even though he said the whole thing wouldn't work. if it wouldn't work, then why did you want some to take home with you? that kind of thing that's happened often enough
of the purse. and we need congress to stand up and de-fund obama care now. please join me so we can get america back on track. >> please call 1-800-314-8505 and tell congress to defund obama care now. that's 1-800-314-8505. 1-800-314-8505. senate conservatives fund is responsible for this message. >> senator ted cruz has been a relentless fund-raiser for this group, that is primarying all of his coworkers in the republican caucus in the senate. >> you know, there's a national website, don' it's got as of a few minutes ago, 578,000 signatures on it. every time in the past few weeks i've got on fox news, we've seen another 10, 20,000 signatures. >> you know, if you were moved by that ted cruz prime-time appearance on fox news, if you were moved to add your name to that petition, you would find when you went to don', you would find when you went there, a giant "donate" button, and if you were inspired by ted cruz to click that button and make that donation, your donation would go to the senate conservatives fund, so they could do stuff like running attack ads against mitch m
sebelius faces intense grilling from congress on the rollout debacle of and president obama heads to boston to talk up the program. >>> remember the movie "casablanca"? the leader of nsa intelligence likens the wire tapping controversy to the film. >>> and a wine shortage predicted for our future. >>> only minor injuries from this crash. >>> a woman plans to give
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)